Wine to Try: The Prisoner

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

For me, a splurge on a bottle of wine qualifies as paying over $25.00. And when I decide to venture outside of my financial comfort zone, usually for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc., I want to know the wine will be fantastic before I pull the cork and pour–in essence: I want a sure thing. Therefore on those special occasions I have turned to The Prisoner, priced between $37.00-$49.00.

I was introduced to the California red blend by my aunt and uncle during a visit a few years ago. They brought it out with little fanfare, poured it, and we drank it. I knew less then than I do now, but I knew that was what good wine. I've been an advocate for it ever since.

Recognized by the unforgettable label, A Goya etching of a man blindfolded and chained, it breaks a part the blur of bottles sitting on shelves, and is credited with the wines popularity as much as the wine itself.

Extending well beyond the radius of my family and Napa Valley, The Prisoner has found fame and fortune. Loved by critics, both professional and amateur, it has amassed over 60,000 reviews on the wine app Vivino with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. In 2016, Constellation Brands bought The Prisoner Wine Company, parent of The Prisoner and four other brands, for a cool 285 million dollars.

I've smoothed my way into avoiding the crowded restaurants filled with new romance this Valentine's Day. Promises of home-made seared steak and a bottle of said wine have proven to be worthy offerings to the future Mrs.

Wine makers notes:

Features enticing aromas of Bing cherry, dark chocolate, clove, and roasted fig. Persistent flavors of ripe raspberry, boysenberry, pomegranate, and vanilla linger harmoniously, for a smooth and luscious finish.

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