Wine Wednesday Review: ($13) Priorat Giné Giné 2015

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

After work yesterday I went to The Austin Wine Merchant, and Ian (an employee there, and moral supporter of Tannins and Trousers) helped me pick out a wine for dinner.

I told him Sydney and I were having pork tenderloin with raspberry chipotle sauce. Ian planned to show me a couple of wines, but I took the first one he showed me (because why not). Here are the wine details, my description of it (I like tasting first before looking up anyone else's notes. It lets me know if I’m in the ballpark.) other amateurs description from the app Vivino, and the producing vineyards description of the wine.


The wine is called Priorat Giné Giné 2015. It’s from the Vineyard, Buil & Giné. Which is located in Priorat County, in Catalonia, Spain. The wine genre is named after the county. It’s a blended wine, meaning that more than one varietal of grape was used to make it. The grapes that make up this wine are Grenache and Carignan. The year, or vintage it was bottled is 2015. It was on sale for $12.99, usually runs around $20.

My Notes:

I let it sit in my decanter for an hour while cooking dinner.

Overall: I like it. Packs a punch like Bruce Lee. Made for the bold wine lover. Softer paletes beware, keep moving, don’t stop.

Color: Garnet. (I told Sydney Dark Ruby. She said, “do you mean garnet?”...)

Body: Bold.

Smell: Dark cherry.

Taste Scale (1-10; 10 being hard yes, 1 being no not at all):

  • Sweetness: 1

  • Fruit level: 1

  • Acidity: 9

  • Tannin: 8

  • Aftertaste: 10; extremely long (3-5 minutes after) aftertaste that lingers throughout the entire mouth and on the tongue.

Vivino User Notes:

  • “Nice Garnacha from the Priorat region of Spain. Big and bold as many Priorat’s. Strong minerality and herbaceous character”

  • “Priorat has become one of my favorite regions in the world when it comes to red wine! Black cherry, plum, fig, leather, vanilla and jammy finish… Long finish. Very good.”

  • “Medium ruby colour with a medium (-) intensity on the nose. Black cherry, redcurrant, plum, fig, jam, game, meat, leather, toast and vanilla. Medium (+) acid, high alcohol, medium tannin, medium body, and pronounced flavour intensity.” A developing wine with a layered depth to the wine, can definitely age or be drunk now. A very good wine.”

Buil & Giné Notes:

“Dry red wine full of the aromas of the ripe grape, and fresh at the same time. Very fruity.”

That’s it for my first wine review. Let me know what you think. Should I do another? DM me on Instagram or comment below.

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