The Wine Folly Tasting Challenge

I wasn't crazy about school. I couldn't get excited about the scientific method or algebra. History was a minor reprieve. But other than that, the public school agenda wasn't on my agenda. Now I'm an adult, and able to enjoy all of its benefits, and drawbacks (sitting in traffic, taxes, the hellish app known as slack). I revel in the fact that I'm now the master of my own educational fate. As you know, the blog is titled and it's about time we (I mean me. It's all on me, I'm so sorry) rededicate ourselves to learning more about vino.

Yesterday afternoon, my wife texted me a link to Wine Folly. A great website for learning about wine that I've mentioned before on the blog. I'm also a big advocate of their book. Great for you or the wine connoisseur close to your heart. My wife shared with me their latest post, which introduced a 34 week wine tasting challenge. The purpose of which is to expand your palate. One new wine varietal a week, for 34 weeks.

I'm in. I'll post a weekly blog post purely dedicated to this challenge. I will follow their tasting guidelines and share them on here as well. If you want to join the journey, expand your wine horizons and what not, you can look up the details here.

See you at the bottom of the bottle.

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