Weekend Plans

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Here in the states our weekend is extended by one day this week. Monday is Labor Day. On this day we celebrate, according to Wikipedia "...the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the development, growth, endurance, strength, security, prosperity, productivity, laws, sustainability, persistence, structure, and well-being of the country."

This day will be much needed. Because opening day of dove season falls on this weekend too. It's the official start of the hunting season–some wives may not see their husbands until spring–and an extra morning of hunting and evening of relaxing will be exactly what the doctor ordered. Quick reminder. Make sure you have your hunting license, and if you have a dog, make sure you have plenty of water for them.

If you're not hunting this weekend I encourage you to golf if you golf. Or try your hand at cooking a brisket. Aaron Franklin has a great Master Class that I followed with decent results for a newbie.

None of the above fit your fancy? Let me know.

What's your weekend plan?

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