The Shorts of Summer

Outfit: Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt, Southern Proper Shorts, Baudoin Lange loafers

Summer is here in Texas which means I'm spending a lot more time outdoors. Our days are longer which gives me plenty of time to sneak in a round of golf after work, grill in the backyard, or go on evening walks with Sydney and the dogs after dinner. But the longer days come with a price; Texas heat. Our summers are so hot in Texas, Texans brag about it.

I've been wearing these Southern Proper P.C. (Preppy Camp) shorts a lot this summer. I got my first pair in the spring in "Blue Shadow", wore them out, then got this pair, "Proper Grey", to give the first pair a break. I can see half a drawer dedicated to these shorts in the future. They're great for the lake house with a t-shirt, or can be worn with a button down tucked in if you're going downtown for a dinner date. I'm heading downtown to the office today, so I dressed them up slightly with a cotton polo shirt from Ralph Lauren and loafers from Baudoin Lange. The 6" inseam is the perfect length for a short. It ends high enough above with the knee but long enough to cover 95% of your thighs. It also has an elastic waistband that has been a friend of mine during quarantine. I've pretty much taken these shorts everywhere this summer: the lake, downtown, and our recent road trip through the south. They've been my go to shorts this summer.

Now that I'm going back into the office for work, I'm trying to dress decent even though we're not as formal as we usually are during normal times. I always wear a collared shirt to work as a minimum. A nice polo is like a t-shirt for me. It fits and it's comfortable and lets me breathe. That's why I grabbed this 100% cotton polo from Ralph Lauren. I know if I go for a walk outside I won't get uncomfortable, and I can go to most places downtown Austin without worrying about being underdressed.

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