Tasting Notes: Pourquoi Faire Sans Blanc?

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

This week has been a parade of French white wine. Today's tasting note is a Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley in France. If wine labels were already a handicap of yours, then you will be delighted to know this bottle tells a story of how the wine came about, all in French.

Wine: Pourquoi Faire Sans Blanc?

Vintage: 2017

Winery: Domaine Sérol

Country: France

Region: Loire Valley; Côte Roannaise

Grape Varietal: (100%) Chenin Blanc

Source: Travis Heights Wine & Spirits

Price: $15.00

T&T Notes: I can't remember if I tasted a Chenin Blanc before. I was excited. The color was deep gold. Darker than the light and transparent Sauvignon Blanc's I've tasted. It was closer to the dense gold of Chardonnay. On the nose were hints of limestone and spices. There were no curveballs when tasting. Notes of green apple appeared. I also picked up a buttery sweetness with pinch of tartness that reminded me of key lime pie.

Tasting Notes is a series where readers can drink and share wine notes.

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