Tasting Notes: Burgundy Macônnais White

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

This a chardonnay from France. It was good. Really good. Good enough to where I question if I like Sauvignon Blanc at all.

Wine: Burgundy Macônnais White

Vintage: 2017

Winery: Domaine de la Croix Senaillet

Country: France

Region: Burgundy

Grape Varietal: (100%) Chardonnay

Source: Travis Heights Wine & Spirits

Winemakers Notes:
Clear and yellow color with a white gold reflection. A very fresh nose, hints of citrus, green apple and white flowers. We appreciate the balance and the nice tension. Vivacious palate with a good balance of the aromas, harmonious finish.

T&T Notes: I opened it an hour before leaving for the weekend. It was mid afternoon and hot. The color was medium yellow. I also thought it could have been dark hay. I picked up citrus on the nose, as the winemaker stated. I narrowed it down as a tangerine aroma, along with pear, and lavender. Tasting was informal. I simply jotted down notes. This wine tasted sweet, with high alcohol and acid, with a pineapple flavor. I will reiterate that I enjoyed this wine, I would buy again, and I will explore chardonnays further to confirm that my palate prefers this over other whites.

Tasting Notes is a series where readers can drink and share wine notes.

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