Robe Royalty

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Being a morning person is infinitely easier if one is donning a robe worthy of royalty. I feel as such upon leaving my bed every morning. I stumble to the bathroom (in a groggy inelegant fashion) and slip on my robe. That's when the transformation from unpleasant peasant to rising royal occurs. As I flip the collar to its rightful place, the shaw collar begins to emerge and grows larger as it lays across my body. I then cover myself and secure the robe with a bow knot. I discover an aristocratic pep in my step as I head to the kitchen, messy hair and all.

Escapism is easy to find if you enjoy staring at your large robe cuffs resting on your wrists. It turns making coffee into stirring hot water with freshly grounded coffee beans, revealing a dark roast of euphoria. You imagine how many of your fellow robe elites are making coffee at the exact same moment! And how many are also admiring their faint yellow pinstripes running down the charcoal robe, in the reflection of an elevated microwave.

To bring this short decree to its end, dressing in general is personal. But a robe goes beyond that. Because we wear it for us and us alone.

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