Recommended Reading: Men and Manners by David Coggins

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

When we think about our lives, we think about the big moments. The small stuff seems to just blend into oblivion. Unless we are actually in that moment. Then that small thing is everything!

Have you suffered a stress induced headache because you didn't know how much to tip at the bar or hotel? Does your Mom know it's not okay to have a full phone conversation in the middle of a restaurant? Are sweatpants appropriate attire for anywhere other than the couch (the answer is no)?

Mr. Coggins covers these topics and more in a fun manner via short essays, interviews, and lists of advice. This book is not a blueprint. It will not spell out for you what is right or what is wrong. It simply nudges you to embrace the warm character that's already inside you.

For me, what stuck was the following:

If you are staying at a friends house, bring a bottle of wine as a thank you.

If you are attending a party, bring something for the host to enjoy later.

And finally, don't FaceTime in a restaurant. Please.

Mr. Coggins book is available on amazon. If you would like an appetizer of his prose, go to his new site The Contender.

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