Persol 649

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

My $15 fake bans from amazon broke after an incredible two year run. They finally fell a part while on my face. A sad moment, indeed. I promptly thanked them for their service and disposed of them in the nearest trash can.

But the silver lining was quick to appear. I had been eyeing some higher model sunglasses. And settled on either the Persol 649 or 714.

I wanted statement glasses. Something that didn't require words and I could wear anywhere. These met that standard. I ended up choosing the 649's. They looked bigger on the website. And I wanted to go for that 1970's oversized look.

The 649's are an exclamation point on a tamed outfit. And with over half a dozen combinations in lens and frame colors to choose from, you can adjust the size of the exclamation point to your liking.

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