My Tuxedo

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

When I proposed to Sydney I knew I wanted to wear a tuxedo for our wedding. I also went in knowing I wanted the best I could afford, as this tuxedo would be a part of one of the most important days of our lives. While Sydney was busy ironing out the finer details of the ceremony, my attention was focused on tuxedo research. After months of research and a few store visits I chose a made to measure (mtm) tuxedo from Suit Supply. It offered the best quality for value, with a tuxedo package around $1369 (for Super 150 fabric). It included a mtm tuxedo, a mtm shirt, bow tie, tuxedo studs, and shoes. I couldn’t pass that value up!

Our wedding had a classic theme, therefore, I wanted a classic tuxedo, but with some minor tweaks that let my personality show. I started off traditional by choosing black for the color and peak lapels. I asked them to widen the lapels so it would be proportionate to my large frame (a benefit of made to measure!). I also asked for a soft shoulder, meaning I wanted minimal shoulder padding. My shoulders are large enough, and I wanted a slightly less formal look for the tuxedo. For the trousers I went with side adjusters, a generous taper from my calf down, and no break, and no cuff (no cuffs for tuxedos). For the footwear I opted for the velvet slippers (sans no socks!), which took the formality down another notch. Finally for the shirt, I went with their pique tuxedo shirt option with a French cuff. The shirt had a pique bib, which was slightly different than the rest of the shirt. You could only really notice it if you were super close (I love those tiny details that only you know about). They had a lot of collar options for the shirt, and it was really hard to pick one without being able to see how they look on me. I chose the spread collar and luckily I loved it! Finally I finished off the look with a pair of medal knot cuff links.

Here are some of the great tuxedo options I was considering. The Armoury is offers a softer shoulder wide lapel tuxedo, one the better, off the rack options out there. Sid Mashburn will also lead you in the right direction, with a full arsenal of formal wear. Also, don’t be afraid to join the slipper gang. They’re acceptable formal wear, look into a black suede option from Res Ipsa. But if you want some more flare, try Stubbs and Wooten on for size.

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