Lake Ready Gear List

The dogs are moving around a bit slower and the days are stretching longer. Which also means the temps are starting to bubble and the lake is looking really good right now. I wasn't always a big proponent of packing up and leaving town for weekend lake trips. There's golf to be played damn it. But the pandemic made me realize what a blessing it is to have a place to retreat from the hustle and bustle.

The lake offers something for everyone. Like to rise before the sun? Grab your pole and aim to be the hero who brings back lunch. Need to recharge? Lounge on a water pad as big as your living room and let the waves wash away your weekday worries. Planning on shaving a year off your life in a single night via Miller Lite and tequila? No judgement here. Just don't fall off the boat deck or shoot fireworks off the top deck (it'll leave marks). Anyways, it's the beginning of lake season and I'm fired up. Here is a list of gear that's enhanced my #lakelife experience.

  • Lily Pad Float: It's a game changer. You can take it on the boat or tie it to the dock. It's really easy to lose a couple hours on it when paired with a cooler and speaker. It keeps you cool by letting just enough water on the float. Size varies so you can find one big enough for your crew.

  • Pool hammock: Lone wolf or did y'all just run out of space on the lily pad? That's okay if you keep a small fleet of these laying around. I prefer straddling the float like a saddle. Keeps neck above dry while the rest of the body cools off. Easy to maneuver around with Miller Lite.

  • Chacos Strap Sandals: I don't care if my feet get wet, I can go for walks, grill, chase dogs off of hot paved roads, etc. I have a pair from Academy. But I recommend spending more for Chacos because of the grip. It's made "optimized for wet traction". Not like mine where I'm practically on all fours when walking over wet rocks.

  • Sunglasses goodr Mach G's: At the lake it's not a matter of if but when you're going to lose your sunglasses. Avoid the pain and regret of losing your *insert expensive sunglasses here*. Get a pair of lake sunglasses.

  • Plastic Wine Glasses: Beer is forever the number one lake drink. But a nice glass of Tempranillo with a charcuterie board on the back of the boat while watching the sunset sounds good too.

  • Yashica Micro Elite AF 32mm Film Camera: I grabbed one of these last summer and love it. Point and shoot film camera that can take a punch. You'll love the photos once they come back from being developed and relive the memories.

  • WM Brown Magazine: Matt Hranek gets the "a bit of this | a bit of that" thing we're going for here. His magazine is a fun read that has a bit for everyone. And it's great reading through a second, third and fourth time.

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