J.W. Hulme Co. Tote Bag

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

I bought this J.W. Hulme tote bag last month. I've taken it everywhere. From the lake to the dove field, and back to the civilized comforts of the office. If you peaked inside you would find a few days worth of the New York Times, the last two weeks of The Economist or National Review, and my camera. Maybe some workout clothes if the mood strikes. Or a cigar and torch lighter if a different mood strikes. The tote bag has been a relief to my pockets and a defining blow against minimalism.

The outside is covered in dirt and dog hair. I'm not concerned about treating it like a work of art. While the forest green color is ascetically pleasing, the canvas construction meets my needs to simply toss and sling things at will. The interior pocket is perfect for my keys, EarPods, and a small notepad. More stuff the better.

I confess I didn't discover the bag on my own. I caught wind of it from Yolanda Edwards and Matt Hranek's epic train journey across Scotland a few months back. They hosted some stylish folks and the bags were given as gifts to the travelers. I looked it up and liked the price point. Influencer marketing at its finest.

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