G SHOCK: A Big Bulky Ugly Watch

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

My G-SHOCK finally died over the weekend after almost a decade of wearing it. I have nothing, literally nothing, from ten years ago other than this watch. And the weird part is, I hate its aesthetics. It's big, bulky, digital, with rubber all over it and has "G-SHOCK" displayed in red across the top.

I’ve always gravitated to small and simple watches. When I see a large bulky watch in the wild it distracts me from the person. It takes away from them instead of acting as an accessory. But the G-SHOCK is an exception for me. I love my G-SHOCK DW-6900. I only wear it when I'm doing my Army Reserve thing and need a watch that can take a hit, tell the time and illuminate it. The other functions like the alarm, stopwatch, and split keeping are extra cherries on top if I'm working out.

Built like tanks with metal casing and covered in rubber to make it "shock" proof and unbreakable from a 10 meter drop, after a couple years of beating it up it starts to grow on you, and the benefits start to out weigh the aesthetics. And I guarantee the people who use these watches don't care about looks. It's easy to see how ugly, yet highly reliable G-SHOCK watches earned a following within the emergency services and military community.

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