Fix Your Socks

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Socks tend to slip off the list of priorities for men.

Some dismiss this as an uncontrollable hazard of our daily movement. To them, socks are an afterthought. They are content with what they know, which is that a sock will start on the calf, and as the day progresses it will fall towards the shoe, and will only return to its rightful place after an adjustment. But that's not you, nor me. And we are not hosiery obsessed snobs. We simply wish that a sock put in place stays in place.

Sitting and crossing your legs should reveal one clean line of uninterrupted clothing. Therefore, to achieve this, three elements must be in unison. Starting with the pants, then the socks, and finally ending with the shoes. Serving to ensure a smooth passage, the socks fill the gap between the pants and the shoes like a bridge. If it performs its job well, it has kept the line intact, and is overlooked without a second thought. But if it fails, it bunches at the ankle, breaks the line, and exposes the unflattering male leg. Ruining an otherwise rakish ensemble.

Over the calf socks are your only guarantee to prevent the unsightly bunching (short of garters). The concept lies in the name. Differing from calf length socks, the over the calf style rests just below the knee. Ending above the calf–the widest part of the lower leg–it is unable to slide down and gather. It is, however, like everything in menswear an issue of proper fit. You must buy socks that are your size.

Ensure the socks match your trousers, as this will extend the line, and make you appear taller. Also, if you decide to venture into the world of pattern and themed socks, letting your personality shine starting at your feet, like President George H.W. Bush, consider this: wearing a bold color or pattern is fine, but you must consider how it falls into place with the entire outfit. It has to compliment the tie and shirt–not fight them.

Deciding to wear socks that fit properly, and match your trousers, is easy. It also serves as a nod to all that you know how to keep a look intact.

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