Find a Mentor

Mentors help make your path to wherever you're going a little easier. They've gone through it already. They've made all of the mistakes you can think of, and a bunch more you would fall into without looking. I suggest you start looking for these men and women to help guide you on whatever is burning up in you right now.

You can have more than one mentor in your life. In fact, I suggest you find more than one. Step back and look at your life. See the areas where you would benefit from a mentor. Then assemble them like a Board of Directors. Each one with a speciality and different view point of the world. One for your faith, career, family, hobbies, etc. Some of them can overlap into multiple categories while others are best for one thing.

Mentors don't have to be older than you. They don't have to be family. My Dad is my biggest mentor when it comes to my character and my daily actions with human beings. His heart is huge and he is generous to a fault. And I try to live like that everyday. But when I wanted to start bird hunting he wasn't the best person to bring me into that world. He would probably be the worst. He doesn't hunt. He doesn't own guns or gun dogs, and he has no interest in any of it. And that's okay. So I reached out to friends who did hunt growing up. And I'm learning from them. And I'm learning from their circle that they've brought me into. They help me out when I make mistakes ( see post on my ticket for not having a plug in my pump shotgun) and are as happy as me when Bella retrieves a shot bird.

You have to reach out to that potential mentor. You have to be direct that you admire what they do or what they've accomplished and that you want to learn from them. But realize this is asking a lot from somebody who might not have the time or resources to take that on. Expect that. When you do find someone, remember their generosity and find ways to give value back to them.

After a while comes my favorite part. When it all comes full circle. You fall under someones wing, you make a few thousand mistakes of your own, avoid some thanks to your mentor, and you grow from it all. You feel like your in a rhythm, but you don't consider yourself an expert. Then someone asks you to learn the ropes. Your not sure if you can offer a lot. But you realize, well, I've made a lot of mistakes, and I can share that. And you pass on the generosity that was given to you.

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