Father's Day Gift Ideas (2020)

  1. ThermoPro TP08S Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer - $44.99 Dad's like to grill. It's absolutely 100% proven science. This thermometer is great for the weekend warrior and the pit master alike. Take away his excuse for why the brisket why dry this year.

  2. The Home Bartender Gift Bundle from Onward Reserve - $50.00 The nest is empty and Dad has plans. The pool, jacuzzi, and full patio bar is a coping mechanism. It's a struggle trying to handle all this new free space and peace and quiet. Show your support, and get him started on the right foot by making sure that bar is fully stocked with the right stuff for when you visit. This kit from Onward Reserve shows you care.

  3. Cole Haan Gunnison Driver - $79.95 You are the only thing standing in the way from your Dad walking around in casual shoes with his toes casually sticking out. He's worn through another pair. But he says, "it's fine." He promises your Mom not to wear them out in public, but what do you see when you're waiting for your table at Maudie's?! Dad toes. Not cool. Dad needs a resupply on drivers. Maybe get him two pairs...

  4. Steak Home Pack -Longhorn Meat Market (Austin specific) - $92.00 Dad's like meat. This is another scientifically proven fact that can't be refuted from NASA, the EPA, or your vegan cousin. Send Dad a care package with a little blood in the box. This package from East Austin butcher shop, Longhorn Market, comes with sirloin, ribeye, t-bone, and New York Strip steaks. Better yet, you can get it delivered right to his door.

  5. Upgrade Dad's Next Round of Golf - $150.00 Dad plays regularly at a nice course close to home. It's a public track and you learned to play there too. But he doesn't stop talking about the time he got to play out at that one course. You know the one. Where they search your bag for beers before you throw them on the carts. Where the guys are waiting at 18 to wash your clubs. Where they bring you wet towels to cool off while ON the course. For my Dad that place is Wolfdancer Golf Club, located in the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa. A 20 mile drive from Austin. We play, have a whiskey and cigar on the porch, eat lunch, then go home. You might want to throw in a few sleeves of balls too.

  6. Turtlebox Speaker - $274.00 "Loud, portable, waterproof and impact resistant." You had Dad at all of the above. He will use this thing everywhere. This thing will support Dad's 80's playlist from the golf course, to the pool, and after a full day of grilling. And it will still be on the same charge. This thing lasts for 50 hours per charge. No brainer.

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