Chardonnay, From Texas

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Fertile fields in France, California, and Australia yield top tier Chardonnay. But somehow I'm sitting here, writing this post, enjoying a glass from the Texas Hill Country. And it's not passible good. It's damn good.

Chardonnay isn't my favorite. Maybe it's the flavor notes of pineapple juice, or lemon, but it's never agreed with my palate.

But here is an exception. The bottle is from Fall Creek Vineyards based in Tow, Texas, with a population of 1,249. I think it may be their fermenting process, which is as follows:

"Whole cluster press. Stainless steel fermentation. Sur-lie aging in stainless steel tank with fine lees regularly stirred and re-suspended for 3 months aging."

Steel may be the real deal. Don't sleep on Texas wine.

A bottle runs $25.00, and can be bought here.

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