Duck Head: 1865 Five-Pocket Pinpoint Canvas Pants

I went golfing after work last week as a single. I was paired up with a guy around my Dad's age, and after a few holes he noticed my hat.

He asked, "Is that a Duck Head hat?"

"Yep, sure is." I replied.

"I haven't seen that brand since the 80's."

"Well, they're back."

Indeed. Duck Head is back. But I never knew they went away. I never heard of them until last year. Therefore, when Christmas came and I was given two pairs of their Five-Pocket Pinpoint Canvas Pants, (one in slate blue, the other in sand) and the aforementioned hat, I evaluated them with a lens clear from any brand loyalty. I've had them for nearly a year now and I want to share with you my experience.

First the fit. They're slimmer through the thigh but open up below the knee. I like it. I would like it more with thinner thighs, but that's a me problem. The waist has some stretch. Again, which I like. They're friendly to us whose weight fluctuates easily and or regularly.

Second, they're versatile and check a lot of boxes for me. I wear them to golf, work, restaurants, or just around the house. I will wear them anywhere I can wear tennis shoes or loafers. They go great with a polo, button down, or a casual sports coat or blazer.

Finally, they are durable. Really, the pinpoint canvas is a tough material. My usual wear and tear spot for me is the inner thigh (genetics, what are you going to do?). A couple of my suit pants look like Fido found treats in the crotch. But I haven't had this issue with the pinpoint canvas pants. And it's not from a lack of trying. I gained weight through COVID, causing more friction for that hot spot. I wear them a lot. A good estimate would be each pair at least twice a week.

But nothing is perfect and everything can be improved upon. I want to see Duck Head introduce more colors for the pinpoint canvas. Three out of the five colors they have for the pinpoint canvas are on the same color spectrum (sand, khaki, and stone). I would love to see an olive green and dark navy added to the inventory.

If you're on the fence, I say jump off and grab a pair. Give them hell and watch them hold up.

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