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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Hey folks, it's October, so while it still might not feel like fall in Austin we can pretend. Hopefully we get to throw some sweaters and coats on soon. Here are a few things I am really into right now. A few of these things I've already bought, while I'm still window shopping others.

I bought the Tecovas boots in black for an upcoming wedding (only in Texas!). These boots are a great value, and after the wedding I plan on wearing them mostly with tan jeans.

I bought my second pair of chinos from Lands End recently. Sign up for their email list. They have 40% and 50% sales all the time. Their chinos are my new go to pants for work when I want to wear a jacket and tie, but less than a suit. They will also add a cuff to your pants for free!

Here are links to the stuff above: | Un | Deux | Trois | Quatre | Cinq | Six |

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