18 Noble Grapes - Grenache

Sydney and I opened this bottle - another from wine producer Yalumba in the Barossa Valley (Australia) - for dinner after a low key, yet, productive Saturday. I poured it in the decanter to let it breathe for 30 minutes (as recommended by Wine Folly). We drank it with Sydney's home-made chicken pot pie, followed by a second glass while watching Wes Anderson's debut film, "Bottle Rocket".


Variety: Grenache


Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia

Vintage: 2018

Producer: Yalumba



  • Intensity - Pale

  • Color - Ruby

  • Viscosity - Medium


  • Intensity - Medium/High

  • Fruit: Dried cranberry

  • Herb/Other: Red pepper; Bell pepper; tobacco


  • Sweetness: Dry

  • Acidity: Medium

  • Tannin: Medium/High

  • Alcohol: 13.5% - 15%

  • Body: Medium

  • Notes: High alcohol (14.1%) contributed to jalapeño aftertaste. Bright red fruit upfront, ripe strawberry. Next came some acidity, but was quickly taken over by mild tannins that stretched its legs for a very long finish. This was a complex wine with many different elements coming into play. It would be hard to take away one major thing away from it, making it a fun wine to taste if you feel like you're grabbing the same wine every time from the store.


Winemaker Notes: A medium-deep red with purple hues, this is an expressive wine. The scent is invigorating in its vibrancy - earthy and herbal with bright sunny cherries. To taste, thew wine is restrained in its focus, complexly spiced with a wild cherry spin. It radiates red fruit purity. The tannins are fine with cool granite characteristic hovering just under the surface.


T&T Rating: 8.8/10

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