Closet Staple: The Navy Blazer

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Deciding what to write about is the most challenging and fun part of creating a blog so far. The potential post topics are endless. So it’s best to start with the basics. That’s why I wanted to share with you my most used piece of clothing in my closet, the navy blazer.

Getting your first blazer is a right of passage that most young men go through before they leave for college, or even earlier. I recall being 10 years old, and being fitted for mine at a Mens Warehouse before a family cruise. I saw the blazer as a sure way of solidifying my position as a social outcast while at sea. Nevermind my blonde frosted tips and puka shell necklace. But alas, we live and learn don’t we? I now greatly lean on my navy blazer from everything from work to date night, and any other social setting where a jacket is required, or would just look damn good.

I want to use this post today to convince you to buy one if you don’t have one, and if you do have one already, I want to convince you to wear it more often. It’s a staple that you can wear all year round, and requires little coordination to pull off, but is an easy go to for putting together a great outfit.

My outfit, featuring my new (to me) navy blazer from Brooks Brothers effortlessly hits the nail on the head for work. It’s made of wool which can be a pain most of the year in Texas. But the lining inside this blazer is too amazing not to wear, and worth the sweat.

I chose to wear charcoal pants and black lace up oxfords to turn up the formality a tad for this outfit. But the solid navy blazer is so versatile any color or pattern pant, and most style of dress shoes can be worn with it.

If you wear a solid pant or chino color like tan or charcoal feel free to to be more playful with your shirt and tie. I chose to break up the solids of the outfit by wearing a block stripe tie. I prefer button down collar dress shirts for blazers. They have an intentional casualness to them that appeal to me. They are also less formal than a standard stiff collar shirt, which I prefer to save for full suits.

The tie is where you can have the most flexibility with an outfit like this. If you aren’t sold on a striped shirt then you need to choose a tie that’s anything but solid. A striped or patterned tie will give your otherwise stale outfit some life.

You can pair the blazer with a polo and chinos to add a layer, and smarten up a casual outfit. But avoid wearing a blazer with a t-shirt. That look is best for women.

Here are a few places you can get a new blazer. SuitSupply

If you want a new, good quality blazer at a decent price point this is it. It's a slimmer cut through the body, but it avoids the overall slim trend that is thankfully fading away. Notice the wide lapels.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers, the "oldest men's clothier in the United States", has introduced slimmer lapels as of late on most of their suits and jackets (sigh). This blazer, a homage to the Ivy League style slightly continues that trend. But the 3 button and patch pockets remain classic.

Thrift Stores Thrift stores are a great affordable option. It's the route I prefer to shop for casual clothes. But you can find great blazers! Look for brands you recognize when shopping. Make sure to target thrift stores in wealthier parts of town as they tend to have higher quality finds consistently. It's also important to know your measurements since you are buying a piece of clothing originally made for someone else (go to a alterations store or tailor, ask for suit measurements. Cost between $10 - $15).

Ebay and Etsy

Ebay and Etsy can be hit or miss honestly. You can find great deals on high quality blazers (my Brooks Brothers blazer above) It really comes down to you knowing your measurements like I said above. The most important being the shoulders, back length, and chest. When you aren't shopping in a traditional store you are trading savings for time. It may take much longer to find the right blazer.

If you want more info about buying a blazer, especially from Ebay or Etsy, DM me on Instagram or comment below.

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