Cigars: An Escape

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Cigars act like punctuation: they serve as a tool to provide context for a given subject. At times they are an exclamation point! A perfect ending for a wedding or new year celebration. Sometimes they serve as an ellipsis...offering us a brief pause. Giving us an hours time to gather our thoughts and relax. Over the last few weeks I’ve made this a habit. I return from work, pour a glass of wine or make a cocktail, pull one of the Dominican wrapped cigars from the humidor, then retreat to the backyard. I use the time for dual purposes. The first serves as an opportunity for my thoughts to flow free. I allow my mind to wander uninterrupted, and leave it in a perfect position to stumble upon inspiration. Ideas come as if you were in the shower or on a run. I also use the time to catch up on reading. Magazines, newspapers, the second book in the Churchill series I’ve been putting off for two years, all serve as great escapes and faithful allies to a cigar.

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