Brooks Brothers Nappa Slippers

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Cohabitation can be challenging. Fortunately my fiancée accepts most of my idiosyncrasies. Unfortunately, she informed me a few months ago that my sperry moccasins–stained and worn, a hole emerging from the toes, and treadless from hundreds of miles through unsuitable terrain–were to be banished to the garage shelves. Sentenced to yard work for their remaining years. But the silver lining revealed itself as I was now presented with an excuse to purchase my first pair of real house slippers.

Finding inspiration wasn’t difficult. I liked the entire outfit of the father from Norman Rockwell’s oil painting, Easter Morning, and I proceeded to find a pair of slippers to match him. I wanted a pair that I would look forward to wear first thing in the morning and after a long work day.

Attributes were few but important: quality, affordability, and a fully constructed upper, including the back of the slippers. The back was key. Backless slippers have led to years of dragged feet in countless living rooms and kitchens throughout the world.  

Brooks Brothers Nappa slippers checked some of the boxes (while writing this I saw they retail higher than pair from Church's). They are made in England under Peal & Co for Brooks Brothers. Simon Crompton, from Permanent Style, revealed more than a decade ago this type of relationship between American brands and English producers. Nevertheless the slippers have exceeded my expectations.

Made of nappa leather–smooth or soft leather–with a padded upper, (everything that isn’t the sole) it has a non serious structure you want in a slipper. Enough to hold its shape, but comfortable enough you forget you’re wearing them. The sole is made of delicate suede, limiting these house shoes to the inside of the house.

Being on the thin side, this may not be the best slipper for serious winters. Also, my heel slips a bit out of the back when walking, but not enough to where I would recommend sizing down. Color is also unfortunately limited to blue.

Retail at $178, but I say wait for a sale.

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