A Sale to Remember

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Once or twice a year fate aligns with the practioniors of patience. Winter tweeds are replaced by springy cottons in online shops and brick & mortar stores, and an opportunity emerges. Retailers eager to eliminate excess inventory reduce prices and open the door to budget conscious customers. These sales are elevated when brands regarded for their high quality and craftsmanship are the movers.  

Drake’s of London finished their winter sale this week. The haberdashery known for their fine ties and scarves, and emerging tailoring, put on a month long sale. Time was ripe for those who admire the brand from afar, but are usually priced out. During this festival of fabric I gave in to my desires and walked away with my first three pieces from Drake’s: two of silk and one of lambswool.

Ties are Drake’s bread and butter. And in that regard, it would be an insult to myself if I left the online cart deprived of one of their famed neckwear. I fell for a brown knit tie, made of silk, brandishing a striped pattern: a white stripe, enclosed by two maroon stripes, that repeats down the entire tie. It now serves faithfully on white, blue, and a variety of striped shirts on a weekly basis.  

Next I added a pocket square. Like socks and underwear, you can never have enough. I picked a beauty: the outer border is set by a wall of triangles, with floral decor just behind it as a second border. The heart of the pocket square is a canvas filled with exotic and countryside birds, surrounded by orange and blue flowers, with a deep purple to fill the background.

Finally, I released the grip on my credit card. I was on the hunt for a sleeveless cardigan. Images from Drake’s Instagram throughout the fall induced knit envy. Comfort was guaranteed with hundred percent lambswool. It wouldn’t be overbearing, serving as a practical piece for the ever fluctuating Texas winters. But sizing would be my nemesis. A tie and pocket square are oblivious to my sedentary lifestyle. But the cardigan could expose me if I picked the wrong size. I decided on a 44. As my luck would have it, the only color still available in that size was purple–subtle. Needless to say, a beautiful purple cardigan is on my desk adorned with horn buttons.

But like disco and myspace, the Drake’s sale is now over. Nevertheless, I’m happy now to have pieces from a store I have admired for their transparency and authenticity. The quality of the clothing is unlike anything else in my wardrobe. It makes a man reconsider his priorities. Perhaps dedicate more funds to such quality items, or just buy one case of wine a month instead of two.

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