A Few Things

  • Back in May someone put their custom one-of-a-kind Tesla station wagon up for sale. The price? A cool $200,000.

  • I bought the first bottle for the Wine Folly #34Weeks34Wines and it's Spanish Cava! Keep a lookout for the tasting notes post.

  • I've recently subscribed to Michael Williams and David Coggins Central Division. It includes both of their Newsletters and podcast. They delve into a bit of this and a bit of that in a very entertaining way. Big fan of both of them.

  • Tecovas recently opened a new store on King Street in Charleston. Let's hear it for the hometown (Austin, TX) kids!

  • The Masters started yesterday. Who do I think will win? Not sure. But the U.S. Open Champion that can hit it 400 yards probably has a good chance if he can hit the fairway. My feelings on Bryson DeChambeau de-mantling golf courses are still uncertain. I'm amazed and slightly annoyed. But that's just envy I suppose.

  • Netflix recommendation: "The Queen's Gambit" It's a 60's time period piece about a young woman who is a chess prodigy. You don't have to know anything about chess to enjoy the show (I definitely don't.)

  • Podcast recommendation: "Coffee with The Greats." A great podcast hosted by entrepreneur and actor Miles Fisher and his Father, Richard Fisher, former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. They have informal personal conversations with Titans of business. Season 1 includes: Roger Staubach (Real Estate, AND Football), Randall Stephenson (Executive Chairman of AT&T), Ajay Banga (CEO of MasterCard), and Jamie Dimon (Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan).

  • Billy Horschel wins Day one outfit at The Masters:

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