18 Noble Grapes - Shiraz

Variety: Shiraz

Shiraz is a signature grape variety that is grown in Australia, also known as Syrah in Europe. The grape originates from the Rhone Valley in France and is considered as one of the great noble black grapes. They are primarily used for producing rich and fruity, full-bodied varietal red wines but are also excellent when blended with other grape varieties. The wines made from Shiraz tend to display aromas and flavors of dark fruits, pepper, mint and chocolate.

Wine Frog


Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia

Vintage: 2017

Producer: Yalumba


  • Intensity - Medium

  • Color - Ruby

  • Viscosity - Medium/High


  • Intensity - Medium/Low

  • Fruit: Licorice, black currant

  • Herb/Other: Butter


  • Sweetness: Off-Dry

  • Acidity: Medium

  • Tannin: Medium

  • Alcohol: 11.5-13.5% (Actually 14%)

  • Body: Medium/Full

  • Notes: The first 1/3 is young bright red fruit, think young strawberry, also plum. The second third is followed by a paring of medium acid and tannins, not overwhelming, but noticeable. Someone who is accustomed to Napa Cabernet Sauvignon might feel disappointed by this. But it does have a very long finish, the tannins are mild, but buzz around for over two minutes.

Winemaker Notes: A moreish Barossa Shiraz that is approachable, full-bodied and fleshy. Deep and brooding with aromas of dark fruits, red spices, anise and ripe cherries, the palate flows with even texture towards a soft finish.Enjoy with sweet potato and black bean burgers or a lamb roast with all the trimmings.

T&T Rating: 8.1/10

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