18 Noble Grapes - Nebbiolo

Variety: Nebbiolo

If you like your wines big, bold, and red, Nebbiolo needs to be on your radar. Hailing from Northern Italy’s Piedmont region, this grape is known for producing powerful, full-bodied, and mercilessly tannic wines—all while looking as pale as Pinot Noir! Most famously, it’s the grape that goes into Barolo and Barbaresco, two of the world’s most revered (and more expensive) wines. Though as you’ll soon find out, Nebbiolo is also in a number of more affordable, entry-level styles of wine from Italy and beyond.

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Region: Piemonte, Italy

Vintage: 2017

Producer: Marchesi di Gresy


  • Intensity - Medium

  • Color - Purple

  • Viscosity - Medium/Low


  • Intensity - Medium/Low

  • Fruit: Black cherry, black currant

  • Herb/Other: Vanilla, cream


  • Sweetness: Bone Dry

  • Acidity: Medium/High

  • Tannin: Medium/High

  • Alcohol: 11.5-13.5%

  • Body: Medium/Full

  • Notes: Raspberry, deep dark fruit, vanilla, sweet ice cream

Winemaker Notes:

  • Color: Brilliant ruby red medium.

  • Bouquet: Intense and persistent, fruity, reminiscent of raspberries, plum, sour black cherry, cherry jam.

  • Taste: Balanced, harmonious, pleasantly tannic with persistent aftertaste.

T&T Rating: 8.5/10

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